Australasian Law Awards


The Australasian Law Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of Australia and New Zealand's leading legal professionals, firms and in-house teams for their contribution to the industry over the past year. They are also a way to recognise the big deals that have occupied the profession.

The awards define excellence in the legal profession, the awards night typically attracts over 650 guests and is held at the Star Sydney.

Have a look at the highlights of the 2019 night here.


Unfortunately, due to recent developments in Australia, we won’t be able to run a face-to-face gala dinner this year. While we’re disappointed that we’re not going to be seeing you at our face-to-face event, we’ve come up with a unique format to recognise and celebrate excellence across the Australasian legal profession.

Due to the high calibre of nominations this year, we will be recognising several excellence awards in addition to the winners of each category.

The winners and excellence awards will be announced on Australasian Lawyer next week. For more information on the format and dates click here.


Through comprehensive analysis of employee data (health checks, employee surveys, workforce reporting, etc.), we identified the health concerns of our employees to deliver targeted initiatives: 

  • As signatories to the TJMF Guidelines, we are rated 'Advanced' or 'Best Practice' for 12 out of the 13 psycho-social factors. We have a Psychological Wellbeing Policy, Fatigue Management Guidelines, and have trained 108 Mental Health Champions (including our leadership team). We also have targeted training on anxiety, resilience and sleep, and free counselling through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Outcomes: In FY16, we saw a 27% increase in the use of our EAP and a 30% increase in reported mental health conditions. This shows there is less stigma around mental illness in our workplace, and employees are more knowledgeable and comfortable seeking help early.
  • We introduced psychological rehabilitation where we consult with impacted employees to develop a rehabilitation plan which incorporates work.   Outcomes: 72% reduction in psychological claims because employees are supported in returning to work sooner.
  • We are the first corporate in Australia to offer all employees access to AIA Vitality, the most advanced health behaviour change program globally. Vitality takes an evidence-based approach, incentivising employees to be active and healthy with  heavily discounted gym memberships and fitness devices, and then rewarding them for exercising and looking after their health with gift vouchers and heavily discounted flights, movies, spa services, etc. Outcomes: Over 1,400 rewards valued at over $23,000 collected by employees from September to December 2016.
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